We have completed all notifications and will start to mail out the bags over the next couple of weeks to the people that wanted the bags shipped.

We just sent out an update by email to all that were registered for the event. The deadline to submit your options for the refund options is 10/03/2021 by 12pm CST. If you didn’t get an email please contact us.

We have sent out an update by email to everyone that was registered for the event. Please check your email and if you don’t have the email please reach out to us about how we are handling the event moving forward.

Important Event Update

We know that everyone is watching the news and keeping up with the conditions in New Orleans.

We have spoken with the hotel and the decision to suspend the event has been made.

We will be talking further with the hotel, vendors, and entertainers to see what can be done. We will have an update within the next two weeks on how we will be moving forward. We have to review all the contracts with the hotel, vendors, and entertainers.

We know everyone was really looking forward to having the event so we tried to hold off to the latest possible time to make the event decision.

These are hard times for everyone and we appreciate everyone that has reached out with support as we try to be as transparent with everything.

We will be sending an update through email and on this website in the next couple of weeks once we coordinate everything.

Updated Event Guidelines

As we have mentioned in past communications, we are getting constant updates on the guidelines and activities happening in New Orleans.

This past week the city of New Orleans has issued new guidelines that go into effect Aug 16th, 2021. As everyone knows these guidelines are moving targets so they may change as we get closer to the event. For the most up-to-date information please reference the NOLA.Gov website, located HERE.

Just a reminder for everyone that we will be requiring proof of vaccine or a negative COVID-19 PCR Test. Here are the following methods that we will accept for proof of the above items.

To prove vaccination status, individuals can use the following:
– Clear App (Non-State Specific App – More Information below)
– State Specific Apps
– An Original, Digital Photograph, or Photocopy of CDC vaccination cards (both sides);
– An official vaccine record issued by another state, foreign nation or the World Health Organization.

To prove COVID-19 PCR negative test status, individuals can use the following:
– An Original, Digital Photograph, or Photocopy of a negative COVID-19 PCR Test with results that have been collected within the past 72-hrs of usage.
– Reminder, all public Restaurants and Bars will also allow this method. The test is only valid for a maximum of 72 hrs, you will need to get a new test if it has been longer than 72 hrs from your prior test.

We will be recommending the Clear Healthpass App if you would like to go digital with your vaccine proof. More information about the app can be found HERE. You can download the app from HERE. Support for the app is located HERE.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the event and wish safe travels!


“Laissez les bons temps rouler”!!

“Let the good times roll”!!

We are monitoring the COVID-19 Delta situation.  We have checked with the Visitors Bureau who get updates from the mayor’s office.  The numbers in the City of New Orleans are better than those you are hearing about in Louisiana.

The crisis is people are not getting vaccinated.  A very high percentage of the illnesses/deaths right now, are with those who are unvaccinated.  There are some breakthrough infections of vaccinated people, but that percentage is low.  Those who are vaccinated and have been infected have signs like allergies or cold like symptoms a majority of the time.

Many businesses, bars and restaurants are starting to require vaccine verifications.  For the safety of all, we will be requiring attendees to show their vaccination card or, a COVID-19 PCR negative test taken within the past 72 hours, upon arrival.  We will accept digital or photocopies of these items.

 The Big Bayou Staff is encouraging ALL attendees to be vaccinated.  This will help stop the virus from being a killing virus to becoming like a common cold virus.  COVID-19 is not going away, it will be with us for a while.

Although the City of New Orleans has issued a mask wearing mandate, this will not apply to private function areas, such as ours.  Wearing a mask in the event space is optional but recommended. However, attendees will be required to wear masks in public spaces at the hotel and elsewhere.

Lastly please do what you need to do to feel safe and comfortable, that is your choice, and we respect that. Due to event contractual obligations already in place, we are following standard event contract policies regarding refunds.

Please look for updates on the website under the news section ( or on our event app under announcements (

Paul and Josh
The Big Bayou Staff

Event App Launch

We are pleased to let everyone know that we have now released our event app.

This app will allow you to see the full schedule of events that are going on and stay up to date with the event. You can even add items to your own personal favorite schedule.

There is also a who’s going page. Make sure you log in and add your profile so people can see you! Everyone will then know you’re going to the event!

There is also a social feed and picture wall you can talk with everyone else at the event. Start talking today so when the event comes you are ready for the FUN! We will also be doing announcements in the app to keep you up to date about the event.

Everyone will be getting a text if we have your mobile number. You can download it from the text message. We are using Yapp for the app and the code is “THEBIGBAYOU” If you don’t get a text you can download the app from the following link.

We continue to grow every week! Now there are over 350 people registered and ready for The Big Bayou and Southern Decadence for this Labor Day. We think everyone is ready for a vacation and some time by the pool.

We want to remind everyone to make sure your hotel room is booked as we are about to sell out our hotel block. So if you have not booked your room yet make sure to book it ASAP! Also don’t forget to book your excursions too! We have lots of great side trips and fun to make this event one sure to remember. You can book them HERE.

Everyone will love the Jazz cruise with brunch. You can also upgrade with a drink package.

How about a tour of the mysterious swamps and bayous of Southern Louisiana? This is a swamp tour that you will never forget!


Thank you for your patience and understanding, during these times.  As of now,


We are in communication with the hotel and New Orleans and Company – both of which are in touch with the Louisiana Governor’s Office, the Mayor of New Orleans’s Office as well as reporting from the CDC. More Info Here

The city has currently increased its meeting capacity and is planning to further increase capacity for groups and meetings as the year progresses.  Southern Decadence is on course to take place. More Info Here

We will be making changes to the schedule to accommodate health guidelines. The hotel is following high standards regarding housekeeping and maintenance of the property. More Info Here

The Big Bayou will follow all safety guidelines.  We will continue to monitor updates and changes.  If masks are still recommended, we too will do the same.  We encourage all attendees to get the vaccine before the event.

We are all looking forward to getting back to a life with fun and events; but, as you know, the future cannot be predicted.

The committee is working hard to adapt and plan an exciting event for everyone during these challenging times.

Additional communications will be posted on the website during the coming months.

Paul & Josh
Event Managers

The Big Bayou staff wants to extend its appreciation to you for your patience and understanding during this time.

We, along with the management of the Royal Sonesta Hotel, our sponsors, entertainers, and guests want to be sure that we do what is safe for all our guests.

We have been getting updates from the city and state. As a result, we believe it is best to protect everyone and reschedule the event for the same time frame in 2021.

The dates for The Big Bayou 2021 are August 31 – September 6, 2021. Current 2020 event registrations will roll over to the 2021 event – reflecting what you have selected for The Big Bayou 2020.

The Big Bayou 2021 will have the same “glam” that was scheduled for this year. Entertainers and sponsors will be part of The Big Bayou 2021 along with activities and tours.

  1. Event registrations will roll over to The Big Bayou 2021 with the packages selected for The Big Bayou 2020
  2. If you wish to cancel you will need to send an email to Info@TheBigbayou.Com and refer to the cancellation policy in the Event Contract.
  3. You WILL NEED to make a new hotel reservation to reflect the new dates for The Big Bayou 2021. Please use the link HERE to make your 2021 hotel reservation.
  4. Check The Big Bayou website for all the changes to the schedule, rates, and, tours. 

As an additional bonus, The Royal Sonesta has graciously indicated that they would keep the current rates and reservations for anyone who wishes to go to New Orleans this year.  If you decide to keep your existing hotel reservation for 2020, please email RSNOSales@Sonesta.Com  by July 3, 2020, and confirm you would like to keep your hotel reservation.  All The Big Bayou 2020 reservations, who have not notified RSNOSales@Sonesta.Com will be canceled after July 3, 2020.

Again, The Big Bayou Staff wishes to thank you for your patience and understanding. Thanks also to The Royal Sonesta for their willingness to work with us.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in 2021; remember to make your new hotel reservation with the link HERE

Stay Safe!

Paul and Josh
The Big Bayou Staff

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